Deforestation in Krokosua Forest Reserve

GCRC Launch

By Lazar Jeftic, Solomon Appekey

6th March 2023

Krokosua (Hills) Forest Reserve is located in the southwestern part of Ghana. The reserve was established in 1935 and has an area of 481 kilometre square. This forest have been known to host between 300 and 500 chimpanzees as confirmed by hunters and field surveys around the site (Magnuson, 2002; Oates, 2006; Danquah et al., 2012 and Tehoda et al., 2017).

GCRC Launch

Since 1995, the reserve has become a target of intense deforestation (Oates, 2006). In the new edited satellite images (visible and color-infrared) from the Copernicus Sentinel-2 mission, we see evidence of heavy deforestation in this forest reserve.

Read more of this paper here.

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